SNB Classic Checking

The Basics Every Customer Needs

Building a foundation of healthy financial habits means starting with a low-cost checking account that has the basic benefits and features. Our Classic checking account is tailor-made for customers who want the essential benefits at a reduced cost to ensure easy account upkeep no matter where you are in life.

Here’s what our Classic checking has to offer:

SNB Classic Checking Benefits


Maintain a $500 minimum balance to avoid a $6 monthly service charge.
Enroll in e-statements and avoid a $7 monthly paper statement charge.

The Foundation of Healthy Finances

At SNB Bank, N.A., we know that having a checking account is a great way to manage your money and have easy access to your funds. In fact, we know that it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to live a financially stable life and keep their finances in check.

That’s why we have created our Classic checking account, to ensure you’re able to take control of your finances no matter where you are in life, and get the basic benefits you need to ensure stability for you and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can avoid the $6 monthly service charge by maintaining a $500 minimum balance.

Additionally, we advise you to enroll in e-statements to avoid the $7 paper statement charge.

What are the BaZing benefits for the Classic checking account?

The BaZing benefits for our Classic checking account include cell phone protection, anywhere banking tools, ID theft aid as well as buyer’s protection and extended warranty.

BaZing benefits also include Roadside Assistance, $25.000 Accidental Death Coverage, & Health Savings Card.

What is buyer’s protection?

Buyer’s protection refers to a set of policies and procedures that protect your rights when you make a purchase using a credit or debit card. This includes protection against fraud and unauthorized charges, as well as the ability to dispute a charge if there is a problem with a purchase.